Obrigado, Madison!

Thank you for attending Madison Carnaval 2024 on February 17!

On behalf of The Handphibians, Ótimo, Majestic Theater and all the outstanding performers at Madison Carnaval 2024, we thank you for your support!

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Madison Carnaval 2025 will be in celebration of our 25 years of Handphibians!

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Madison Carnaval 2024
Majestic Theatre – February 17, 2024

Tickets are available for purchase in-person from the Majestic Theatre box office or online using the Ticketmaster link below.

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Thank You!

On behalf of The Handphibians, Ótimo Dance, Majestic Theatre, and all the outstanding performances – thank you for another fabulous Madison Carnaval!

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Madison Carnaval 2024 Details

Madison Carnaval 2024, featuring The Handphibians and Ótimo Brazilian Dance, is set to light up the Majestic Theatre for the 24th annual celebration!

This exhilarating live music event celebrates the rich tapestry of Brazilian culture in the heart of downtown Madison. The Handphibians, a renowned Brazilian percussion ensemble, will lead the charge with their dynamic rhythms, bringing the soul of Brazilian music to life.

Accompanying The Handphibians is Ótimo Brazilian Dance, known for their mesmerizing dance performances that embody the spirit of Rio Carnival.

Madison Carnaval 2024 also features live performances by Canção bossa nova project, Forró Fo Sho, Grupo Balança, and Capoeira Brazilian martial arts.

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Madison Carnaval 2022 photos courtesy of 7th Sense Media

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Madison Carnaval Over the Years

Madison Carnaval 2024 Highlights

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Madison Carnaval 2023-2017

Saturday, March 5, 2022 at Majestic Theatre

Madison Carnaval 2022 is officially scheduled!

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Madison Carnaval 2017-2006(?)

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