A Nossa Bateria

A Nossa Bateria by THe Handphibians

Every year for Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, competing bands of the samba schools compose and perform their own “enredo”(en-HAY-doo). It’s a song form that communicates, along with thunderous drums and colorful musical lines, the stories, histories, and social commentary relevant to the area.

This year, the Handphibians have composed their FIRST EVER enredo, celebrating 20 years of drumming and community vibrancy in Madison, our little haven in América do Norte. Enjoy!

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Tickets available from the High Noon Saloon & Majestic Theatre, in person or on their websites. $15 Friday - $15 Saturday.
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Celebrating 20 Years

Handphibians Celebrate 20 Years

We have been sharing our love and gratitude for the beautiful music and culture of Brazil for two decades and can't wait to see what the next one brings.

The Handphibians were founded by Robert Schoville in 1997 after he and a group of friends returned to Madison from Brazil where they had been studying and performing Carnaval music. From this small group of five percussionists, our passion for Brazilian music and culture continues to grow each day while our annual Carnaval celebration and community events have established our place in the Madison music community.

Over the years we have grown from the original five members to now over 50!! We would like to share a huge Thank You to everyone who has supported us, and continues to support us, throughout the years. Muito Obrigado, Gente!!